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Sharp AN3DG10S Review

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PROS / A convenient button converts the picture from 3D to 2D if wanted.

CONS / Sharp doesn’t offer rechargeable 3D glasses.

 VERDICT / Sharp’s 3D glasses make purchasing an AQUOS Quattron 3D TV a good decision.

If you purchase one of Sharp’s AQUOS Quattron 3D TVs, you may not need to purchase supplementary glasses as it comes with two pairs. But if you have more than two sets of eyes that need to be equipped with a pair of glasses, you’ll need to purchase additional Sharp AN3DG10S 3D glasses.

As with most 3D glasses with active shutter technology, the Sharp AN3DG10S glasses have a viewing distance of 7 meters with a 120 degree available angle. The allowable angling does make a difference in that if you move out of that range (i.e., tilt your head too far to the side or lie down), you will no longer be able to see the three-dimensional images. The range is also important because if out of that range for a certain period of time the 3D glasses will automatically turn off. They will also automatically turn off if the glasses sense inactivity for more than five minutes. We love this feature because if you inadvertently take the glasses into a different room, you are not wasting precious battery power. The battery life averages at over 75 hours, but any time conserved is better than none.

When looking for a pair of 3D glasses, you’ll need to find a balance between comfort, stability and quality in your choice. The Sharp AN3DG10S real 3D glasses are some of the heaviest on the market, weighing in at 3.2 ounces. While this may not seem like a lot, imagine wearing them for a space of 90 minutes or more. However, the heaviness of these glasses equates to a solid product, one that is not easily damaged.

Because the Sharp AN3DG10S 3D glasses are battery powered, an on and off switch is built right into the side panel of the glasses for an easy way to consciously save energy. You will be able to tell when the battery needs to be replaced by a LED indicator that will blink six consecutive times before the glasses automatically turn off. But hands down, the coolest feature of the Sharp AN3DG10S 3D glasses is the ability to switch from 3D to 2D and back again with one click of a button. Three dimensional content is not for everyone, and instances of dizziness and sometimes nausea have been reported. In cases like these, Sharp’s convenient button makes it so everyone can enjoy a film together.

To properly care for your 3D glasses, you’ll need a few items that Sharp graciously provides with the Sharp AN3DG10S shutter glasses. Because of the lens coating, a special cloth should be used to clean the glasses. Sharp provides this soft cloth and recommends to use it as a buffer when using a cleaning solution (preferably with no harsh chemicals), spraying cleaning solution on the cloth instead of directly onto the glasses. Once the glasses are clean, stow them away in the draw-string carrying case provided with purchase.

Additional items include an extra battery, nose pad and a glasses band. The two different sized nose pads are intended for both adults and children, and they can be switched in and out of the glasses as needed. Additional adjustments can be made with a glasses band that attaches to the ear pieces to prevent the glasses from slipping.

A one-year warranty covers defects in material or workmanship, and if problems are found within one year Sharp will replace or repair the glasses. The purchase of 3D glasses truly is an investment, and the included maintenance items will ensure your investment will last a long time, as long as they are properly cared for.


Out of all the other 3D glasses manufacturers in our lineup, we were most impressed with how adeptly in tune Sharp is with their consumers. They included several additional items that competitors blatantly left out of their packaging, like a carrying case and an extra battery that would help any new 3D consumer. We do wish they were rechargeable. However, it’s obvious to us that Sharp Electronics Corporation stands behind their motto, “Sharp consumer electronics can enhance your enjoyment, add to your comfort and open new perspectives.” The Sharp AN3DG10S 3D shutter glasses are a good example of that motto fulfilled.