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3D Glasses Reviews

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3D Glasses Review

Why You Need 3D Glasses

The saying, “Good things come in small packages,” definitely applies to 3D glasses. While they're the least expensive part of a 3D home entertainment system, the glasses may be the most important piece. If you plan on sitting in front of a 3D TV for more than an hour, we can guarantee that having the most comfortable pair of 3D shutter glasses is the key to an enjoyable experience. To ensure you choose wisely, we’ve researched and reviewed the top 3D glasses on the market, like the LG AG-S100Sony TDG-BR100 and Panasonic TY-EW3D10, and have found the most important elements to look for. We also have articles on 3D glasses to add to your research arsenal.

3D Glasses: What to Look For

The majority of 3D glasses on the market directly correlate to a specific TV brand. For example if you purchase a LG 3D TV, you would need to purchase additional LG AG-S100 3D glasses for friends and family to watch with you. Before you buy a 3D TV, find the best pair of 3D shutter glasses for you and go from there. We’ve narrowed down the selection and have quantified the best qualities and features to look for in a pair of 3D glasses.

If your 3D movie glasses don’t work, you will not be able to watch 3D content. Be sure that the 3D TV you purchase has sturdy, well-made glasses and that you buy additional 3D glasses of the same quality. The most durable 3D shutter glasses we found are Sony’s TDG-BR100. They are made of a heavy plastic with thick sides to block out external light. However, because of their durable material they are also heavy on your face, decreasing comfort – another huge factor. Adjustable nose cushions, bendable ear pieces and a minimal weight are all attempts to help you forget you have 3D shutter glasses on. Sharp’s glasses include adjustable ear pieces, and they can fit over a pair of regular glasses, but they also weigh a sturdy 3.2 ounces. It will be important for you to evaluate the importance of a resilient pair of glasses versus comfort.

The feature we found most important was the ability to recharge your 3D movie glasses. If the glasses do not have this capability, you will be spending money on additional batteries after every 80-100 hours of viewing. The best rechargeable 3D glasses are able to plug into a Blu-ray player and charge after 30-40 hours of viewing. Another energy-saving feature is the glasses’ ability to automatically turn on and off after extended periods of non-use.

Included Items
To purchase a pair of 3D shutter glasses for each member of your family, you’re going to have to drop a pretty penny. You shouldn’t have to worry about replacing batteries right away, purchasing special cleaning supplies or a storage container. The best 3D movie glasses come with extra batteries, a special cleaning cloth and a hard case packaged conveniently together. You’ll also want to verify the warranty coverage. Some glasses are covered for only 90-days, while other warranties last up to a year from the purchase date.

Since your 3D TV and 3D glasses will have to be compatible, we highly recommend trying out the glasses you will be required to wear before you purchase a 3D TV. Local electronics stores conveniently have them on display for testing purposes. While trying out the glasses, assess how heavy they feel on your face, the tightness of the nose pads and the light exposure. You’ll want a pair of 3D glasses that fit snuggly with minimal pressure and that block out excess light. If you can’t stand wearing them for 10 minutes, you’re not going to watch a three-hour-long movie like "Avatar." With our in-depth side-by-side matrix, you can compare the best 3D TV glasses to make the most educated decision possible.

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